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From the master list, SAFETYDOCS PERMITS guides your clients in the management and maintenance of their regulatory documents such as permits, insurance and EHS documents. Ideal for networks, the system issues renewal notices, management reports and keeps documents close at hand whenever necessary.

  • Presentation of a master list of possible documents according to activity, to guide which documents your company should manage.
  • Risk matrix of the entire portfolio, which will identify all business units and all documents, indicating where there may be some risk of operation due to the lack of the required document. In this way, the system ensures that your company remains focused on what is most important: business management.
  • Possibility to designate the risk of the property and the importance of the document, bringing indicators of regularity of documents.
  • Presentation of the status of each document and with quick access.
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SAFETYDOCS Constructions

In addition to project storage, this SAFETYDOCS solution allows for version revision, keeping history and approvals that facilitate the company's day-to-day activities. Ideal for asset management companies, as well as engineering and architecture offices.

  • Storage of documents/projects of any size
  • Access control by discipline
  • Definition of deadlines and responsible for each activity and project
  • Approval and disapproval of uploads
  • Automatic sending of emails for each upload and approval
  • Document / project revision history
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In this version, SAFETYDOCS offers not only the vision of the enterprise as a whole, but also the details of each condominium member, unifying and centralizing the exchange of documents, reducing risk and cost for the managers of shopping malls, corporate condominiums and shopping centers.

  • View of all enterprise documentation and detailed view of documents per unit
  • Reports showing available stores, occupied and undergoing renovation
  • History of stores with previous occupations
  • Project approval process for the implementation of a new store, all done by system
  • Shopkeeper view and administrative view
  • Approval and disapproval of projects with comments
  • Shopping Mall maintenance and license management
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The SAFETYDOCS electronic guard allows our clients to have all their documents in one place with unlimited space! Developed to manage documents electronically and securely, it allows to integrate the departments and increase the performance and productivity of the team, decreasing the amount of emails and prints.

  • Unlimited space
  • Document centralization
  • Backup to remote servers
  • User-friendly system, easy to use
  • Management reports