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Manage All Your Critical Operational Documents in One Place

• Easy search allows to quickly find documents and verify status
• With all documents centrally stored and organized within an Oracle Cloud database, SafetyDocs is highly secure, stable and easily tied into existing enterprise infrastructure
• Centralized dashboard shows you the status of all documents in real-time

Streamline and Automate All Your Permitting and Licensing Documentation Workflows

• Automate critical tasks and information associated with documents, including renewal reminders, checklists, team comments
• Invite suppliers to engage and participate in workflows
• Workflow designer allows you to custom-create processes aligned to your business needs

Never Let Your Critical Documents Fall Out of Date or Expire

• Customize email notifications to remind team members of document renewals and other time-sensitive tasks
• Flexibly set advance notice on specific documents to allow team members time to address document renewals
• Assign risk levels to specific documents

Quickly Generate Reports to Keep the Auditors and Authorities Happy

• Report templates for document history, document matrix, processing costs, document risks, goals
• Use SafetyDocs to set renewal goals and manage against those KPIs
• Filter reports by business unit, region, brand

We're Partners in Your Success

• A customer success team dedicated to your needs
• Quarterly customer briefings
• Comprehensive onboarding and implementation aligned to your business goals
• Dedicated support team during regular business hours with established escalation protocol

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