About Us

SAFETYDOCS arose from a latent need observed by market professionals to facilitate management in Real State and Real Estate Regularization.

Based on more than 20 years’ experience and know-how, these professionals created SAFETYDOCS Permits which, based on several master document lists, assist clients throughout Brazil and North America in the management of their documents.

Given the great acceptance of the system in the market, companies from other segments requested other modules with their specific demands, and that is how we expanded the SAFETYDOCS portfolio and created new modules to serve Shopping Malls and Condominiums, Engineering Offices, Law Firms and Small Companies.

In 2018, SAFETYDOCS was chosen by the StartSe program – a Brazilian company that aims to encourage entrepreneurship – for an immersion in Silicon Valley, along with other prominent startups in various sectors.
In 2020, SAFETYDOCS went through a selection process by LatAm – accelerator of startups in Canada – to start its international journey and, since then, has been establishing its expansion strategies for new markets.



Masters in Communication

7+ years in the Tech Industry

Tech Business owner and CEO for 5+ years


Graduate Diploma in North American Business Management

25+ years in permits consulting

Owns and operates 3 companies (Consulting and Tech)


Ensure document management of real estate and companies (licenses/permits) in an intuitive, organized manner and with a managerial view


To be a reference company in document management of real estate and companies (licenses/permits), using a system


Transparency, Security, Innovation, Reliability and Organization

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