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Never feel the pain of missing a critical renewal again. We help get your operational paperwork and permitting under control, so you can grow your business with less stress and more confidence.

What is your biggest challenge in managing real estate and business documents?


Standardize the way of control between departments/units of the company

SAFETYDOCS is a system on the web in which all users maintain control, management and storage of documents in a single place, using Cloud technology. With it, your company will have a structured, organized and aligned control for users from all departments involved, such as legal, property management, facilities and engineering.

Find a specific document when needed

SAFETYDOCS was developed in Cloud technology, accessible from anywhere and any device. In addition to document management, the system makes it possible to store the scanned document and, thus, you find the document you need easily, in seconds, to share whenever necessary.

Control expiration dates and renewal processes

SAFETYDOCS maintains a matrix of all company documents, with the respective expiration dates, in addition to issuing notices and reminders to facilitate the renewal process. And you can even distribute tasks between companies and professionals involved in renewing the document.

Track the overall status of company-wide documents

SAFETYDOCS has a control panel (dashboard) that offers a global view of the documents in the system, in addition to the view by unit or department. In addition to the dashboard, management reports are detailed so that you always have the necessary information for planning and making decisions, with a view to interdependencies between the departments involved
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Manage All Your Critical Operational Documents in One Place

• Easy search allows to quickly find documents and verify status
• With all documents centrally stored and organized within an Oracle Cloud database, SafetyDocs is highly secure, stable and easily tied into existing enterprise infrastructure
• Centralized dashboard shows you the status of all documents in real-time

Streamline and Automate All Your Permitting and Licensing Documentation Workflows

• Automate critical tasks and information associated with documents, including renewal reminders, checklists, team comments
• Invite suppliers to engage and participate in workflows
• Workflow designer allows you to custom-create processes aligned to your business needs

Never Let Your Critical Documents Fall Out of Date or Expire

• Customize email notifications to remind team members of document renewals and other time-sensitive tasks
• Flexibly set advance notice on specific documents to allow team members time to address document renewals
• Assign risk levels to specific documents

Quickly Generate Reports to Keep the Auditors and Authorities Happy

• Report templates for document history, document matrix, processing costs, document risks, goals
• Use SafetyDocs to set renewal goals and manage against those KPIs
• Filter reports by business unit, region, brand

We're Partners in Your Success

• A customer success team dedicated to your needs
• Quarterly customer briefings
• Comprehensive onboarding and implementation aligned to your business goals
• Dedicated support team during regular business hours with established escalation protocol

98% Retention rate over 5 years

Offers the ideal solution to your business

Manage All Your Critical Operational Documents in One Place

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